Thermoplastic elastomer-TPE-compound

A Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) combines the rubber-like properties of a thermoset elastomer and the processing characteristics of a thermoplastic.This is possible because TPE is composed of two phases:a soft phase, which provides elastic properties, and a hard phase which represents the thermoplastic segment andprovides both processing ease and full recyclability to thematerial.Thermoplastic Elastomers can be modelled into the desired shapes by means of the classic processing technologies used for plastic materials: the most common are injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding.

Soft skins, mats for glove compartments,
keypads, soft-touch finishes, glass

Extruded seals for doors and windows,
simple and co-moulded hydraulic seals

Household appliances
Magnetic seals for refrigerators, power tools
handles, remote control covers, mobile
phone covers, push-button panels, shock
absorbing protections for vacuum cleaners

Sport and leisure
Items for diving (flippers, snorkels, masks)
and skiing (ski pole handles, ski boots)

Synthetic corks for wine and liquor bottles,
gaskets for food containers

Handles for toothbrushes and healthcare
items, perfume bottle coatings