Thermoplastic Elastomers-TPEs

TPEs combine the properties of thermoplastic and vulcanized rubber. TPEs are rubbery materials with
the characteristics of a thermoplastic and the performance of a thermoset vulcanized rubber.The properties of TPEs are based on their chemical structure and the morphology of their matrix. In thermoset
rubbers, carbon black is used as a filler to modify the hardness or stiffness of the rubber materials. In
TPEs, the molecular structure of the polymer itself provides the fl exibility, impact strength, and stiffness.
Sometimes, it is necessary to modify the ramifi cations of the soft segments of the structure’s molecular chain to obtain the required properties (stiffness, toughness)

Application appliances, adhesives, automotive (bumper, exterior parts and trim, interior parts), belts, cable jacketing, coatings, compatibilizer,electrical/electronic, footwear, gaskets, household goods,impact modifier, medical, modifier (plastics, bitumen), piping,sealants, sporting goods, tools, toys, wheels for office furniture