Polybutylene Terephthalate-PBT

PBT is produced by the transesterifi cation of dimethyl terephthalate with butanediol. This reaction
takes place by a catalyzed melt poly- condensation,resulting in a repetition of the molecular units.
PBT is a semi-crystalline and tough engineering thermoplastic. It is characterized by low moisture
absorption, excellent electrical properties, and good chemical resistance, mechanical strength, and heat
resistance. The continuous service temperature for unfi lled PBT is 194°F (90°C) and for fi berglass reinforced PBT is 240°F (115°C).An enhanced gloss surface also can beachieved when PBT is compounded with PET.Molten PBT is subject to hydrolytic degradationand so it must be rigorously dried before meltprocessing. A maximum moisture content of 0.02%is recommended.

Applications automotive (connectors, distributor caps, door knobs, lamp sockets, lightning bezels, mirror housings, windshield wiperarms), brush bristles, composites, automobile lamps, consoles,contact carriers, covers, electrical and electronics(capacitors, connectors, circuit breakers, capacitor housings,encapsulation of transformers, fi bers, motors, and solenoids,printed circuit boards, relays), housewares, housings, lighting,plumbing, power tools, sporting goods, textiles, tire cords