Nylon is a large-volume commercial polymer. It possesses good mechanical properties, exceptional chemical and solvent resistance, and is easy to fabricate and process. However, its impact strength is low, and it easily absorbs water, which deteriorates its mechanical properties and dimensional stability.
Nylon has the advantages of strength, high service temperature and toughness. It is resistant to creep, abrasion and fatigue. It is used in self-lubricating bearings with excellent chemical resistance. However, it has a narrow processing window, is relatively high in cost and there are no transparent grades available. polyamide 6,6 is the third largest volume material.
Applications: aerospace, automotive (fuel systems, under-the-hood applications
such as shrouds and ducts), composite structures, stock shapes, waste water treatment
safety helmet parts, washers, gears, engine and motor parts,chutes; plugs, receptacles, covers, weed trimer components,clips, fasteners, flanges, key housing, flexible tubing, fi lm, fans, hand-help power tools

Typical Properties of Polyamide
Parameter Unit Value
Density g cm-3 1.14
Melt flow index g/10 min 12.35
Surface tension mN m-1 47.6 
Concentration of amino end groups mval kg-1 45−47
Tm  °C  265