Polycarbonate (PC) is the fourth largest volume material. It is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic with good thermal stability, transparency, impact resistance and the ability to be processed on conventional machinery. Its surface properties are important for many applications, including medical, optics and so on. PC is known as a transparent material with good impact and temperature resistance. It is more dimensionally stable than other commodity moulded materials. PC has excellent outdoor weather resistance, can be painted without pretreatment, and is suitable for solvent bonding, a common assembly technique. However, it is relatively high in cost, with a high processing temperature, has limited chemical resistance, and cannot pick up such fine surface details as some other polymers.
Applications bearings, blood collector containers, camera components, computer printers, copying machines, corrective eyeglasses, dental applications, data storage (CD, DVD, etc.), dinnerware, drinking cups, disposable syringes, head lamp covers and housings, gears, glazing, goggles, golf tees, guide pins, helmets, instrument panels, laminated walls, lenses, medical tubing, microfi bers, needles syringes, optical lenses, pacemaker components, projection screens, rollers, roofi ng, safety glasses, skylights, speedometer needles, solar modules, tool boxes, toys, water bottles, windows, windscreens

 Typical Properties of PC
Parameter Unit Value
Density g cm-3 1.20
Tg °C (linear) 148.5
 °C (branched) 151.9 
 Melt density g cm-3 at 275°C  1.07 
 Tm °C  268